The City Hospice Trust Limited


We're Cardiff's local hospice, caring for people with life-limiting illnesses in their own homes

Our City Hospice team cares for patients across the city, managing their symptoms and offering essential support. This means each person in our care can live their lives to the fullest for as long as possible.

Every month, new patients are referred to City Hospice for care. Referrals are made from the palliative care team at Velindre Cancer Centre, the University Hospital of Wales, or from a patient’s own GP.

We help patients with diagnoses such as Cancer, Dementia, Motor Neurone Disease (MND), Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) or other life-limiting illnesses. As we deliver community palliative care for the whole of Cardiff, all of our patients live within the capital, and range in age from 18 upwards.

What makes us different

City Hospice is not a bedded unit. Instead, we offer care and support to our patients in their own homes and some come to our centre in Whitchurch, Cardiff. We spend time understanding the preferences of those we care for and where they wish to stay. Our team work with patients and their families to support whatever their choice might be. Given the option, many of our patients choose to remain at home and we work tirelessly to support their wishes.

Here at City Hospice, we are so much more than what may come to mind when you think of a ‘hospice’. Our Centre is a bright, welcoming, and vibrant place where a community is seen in action. We take the energies of volunteers and the funds raised by our supporters and use these collective efforts to support families throughout the city of Cardiff.

Thank you for supporting City Hospice.