Devon Air Ambulance Trust

  • Address: EXETER


Devon Air Ambulance Trust is the charity that raises the funds to keep Devon’s two air ambulances flying and our fleet of Critical Care Cars responding.

Accidents and illness happen and when they do patients, whatever their age, circumstance or location, need specialist treatment fast. The speed with which our air ambulance doctors and paramedics can reach a patient, identify their time-critical needs and provide their specialist life-saving treatments and interventions to slow, halt or even reverse the effects of a life-threatening condition, is crucial in helping to achieve a successful outcome.

Mission: Our vision is to end preventable death, disability or suffering from critical illness or injury; and our mission is to transform time-critical care through prevention, treatment and recovery.
In order to achieve this, we have incorporated our shared values that guide how we relate to each other and inform the work we do and how we do it. These values are:

We Take the Initiative
-Reflect: We make time to review our work to identify opportunities, risks and process improvements.
-Clarify: We ask supportive and enquiring questions to gain clarity and use research data to guide our decisions.
-Act: We are agile, responsive and considerate of others as we act on behalf of the team with the confidence to succeed.

We Lead the Way
-Evolve: We set ambitious goals to grow, develop, modernise and excel.
-Contribute: We participate in creative problem solving to spark innovation and produce results.
-Adapt: We recognise our strengths and challenges and welcome feedback to increase awareness, flexibility and resilience.

We Achieve our Best Together
-Respect: We listen and ask questions to help champion and respectfully challenge ideas, opinions and behaviours.
-Engage: We connect with and include others to build trust, understanding and clear communication.
-Compassion: We care about people and their progress and believe everyone has something unique to contribute.


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